August 15, 2011

Dear Ms. O'Malley,

During the trial, Ms. Leventis persuaded the lead investigator Sgt. Morris, and Inspector Beal to commit perjury in order to unjustly convict my brother and me. (Please read Asmerom’s letter to Judge Nakahara dated on August 12, 2011 at www.

All I can say is, Ms. Leventis is unprofessional and unethical. There is no doubt that her misconduct violated the law. She is an insult to our judicial system, and also to the district attorney’s office. Since you are the head person of the district attorney’s office, you have an obligation to investigate Ms. Leventis’ outrageous criminal misconduct.

I knew from the beginning she is not on the side of truth and justice. She knew that the Meharis murdered Abraham, and she also knew that they tried to murder me and that I defended myself lawfully. But she chose to cover up the Meharis’ crime in order to obtain a wrongful conviction. (Please read Asmerom’s letter to the District Attorney of Alameda County Nancy O’Malley dated on October 4, 2010 at

Ms. O’Malley, justice cannot be served by covering up the truth. As you know, the evidence presented at the trial exposed the truth that the Meharis murdered Abraham. (Please read Asmerom’s letter to Judge Nakahara dated on July 22, 2011 at www.

According to the law, all you need is probable cause to arrest someone. In this case, there is much more than probable cause, there is clear evidence that shows Angesom, Merhawi and Yehferom had a hand in Abraham’s murder. Their own testimony tells you unequivocally that they had a hand in Abraham’s murder. Despite the fact that the truth came to light during the trial, neither Angesom nor Merhawi nor Yehferom has been arrested; why? According to the law, they must be arrested and prosecuted for the crime they committed. So what is the reason or excuse not to arrest them? As far as I know there is no reason or excuse for violating the law. As you know, nobody is above the law. We all have to respect the law. It is our obligation to obey the law. So according to the law, you have an obligation to arrest Angesom, Merhawi and Yehferom and prosecute them for the crime they committed. You have a moral and conscience obligation not to let them get away with the crime they committed.

Sincerely,                                                            Asmerom T. Gebreselassie
The State Bar of California
San Francisco Chronicle